Celebrate You!

Celebrate your life each day for there's only one you.

Each day you're called upon to share perhaps a piece or two.

Who knows what you will do?

Allow yourself to be the bridge between a problem and a solution.

Allow yourself to be the intercessor of answered prayer.

Wake up each morning knowing that our loving Father has a plan for you.

Celebrate, share, pray and give thanks for being you!

Heavenly Father,

We present ourselves to you today as we look forward to nurturing and deepening our relationship with you.

Each morning as we awaken we have a new beginning Father to be our best! your steadfast love for us is truly priceless.

Continue to weave like-minded Christians into the tapestry of our lives.

As we lead lives of service we ask you to equip us with the gifts that we need.

May all that we do in your name be a true blessing to others.


Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Lord & Father

We come to you today as we give you thanks for giving us the gift of our mothers.  A mother’s love is never to be taken for granted. A mother’s love is priceless. It is to be cherished and treasured.

Mothers are challenged each and everyday all over the world. Just as you remind us that you will provide for our every need, a mother must do the same once her children are born. We ask that you shower upon all mothers the numerous gifts needed to become the best mothers they can be. Give them strength, love, compassion, wisdom and discernment. May their love for you Father, be a beacon of light that shines brilliantly. Let it shine not only through them, but let it be an example for their children to follow.

Help all mothers guide their children to walk on that straight and narrow path you have designed for them. Bless all mothers and anoint them afresh each morning as they rise and follow you.


Written with love


Father in Heaven,

We come to you this morning as we rise to greet a new morning. As we slowly open our eyes, we realize the gift of this new day that you’ve sent for us. For that we give you our thanks. 

May we continue to walk by faith and not by sight, without a single moment of wondering why.

Thank you Father for illuminating this pathway of Holy week for each of us. We travel on this path from Palm Sunday, through Holy Thursday onto Good Friday and Praise God, await your resurrection on Easter Sunday. This momentous week shows us all of your Victory! As we rise each new morning may we greet you Father and simply and graciously say thank you, for all that your life has endured and for all that you’ve sacrificed for us all, the gift and promise of eternal life is ours! Praise you our risen savior and Dear Lord! 


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are now in the midst of our yearly "Lenten Journey." I always look forward to this special time. It is a forty-day period, which was are given to remember, to give thanks, to reassess, and take time for our overall self-examination.

Our Heavenly Father made the biggest sacrifice one could give. He gave his only Begotten Son to die for our sin debt in full. Pure and blameless though he was, he did what was asked of his Father on our behalf. He died on the cross so that we all may live with our Father in heaven and have Eternal Life. This is our gift and promise.

I urge each one of you to utilize your Lenten Journey in everyway. When you sincerely make a conscious effort to feed and nourish your spirit you will be affected in a very deep and spiritual way.

May you hunger and thirst to know more about who Jesus is, and why he chose you to call his own.

May you seek in his scripture to understand and put into actions his teachings.

May you examine your life and see where you can improve.

Know what is important as you fill your day with meaning and purpose.

Know when to just listen to someone as they empty a heart of pain, sorrow, grief, or uncertainty.

Know when to speak words of Kindness, Comfort, Encouragement, and Love.

We are all created in God's image. We are a Masterpiece, because We are a Piece of the Master!


Most Gracious & Loving Father,

We come to you with grateful hearts and thanksgivings today. We ask you to direct us as we travel on our personal Lenten Journey. May we draw closer unto you Father. Teach us how to be as SELFLESS as you are. Challenging as it may be for us, WE KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH YOU!

May God Richly Immerse You All in His Loving Kindness and Grace.

In Christ's Love,

Marilyn Mattson-Riviere

New Years Message 2016

Be Inspired!
by Marilyn Mattson-Riviere

Be the sower of seeds.
Be the doer of good deeds.
Be the healer of others' needs.
Be the mender of broken promises.
Be the answer to another's prayer.
Be the Child of God whom He has equipped and prepared.


So often we go about our daily routine just trying to make it through any given day without any expectations. So here is the challenge: begin each morning in this New Year of 2016 acknowledging the various gifts you've been given to use in our heavenly Father's name! Then give thanks for those gifts. Put those very acknowledgements and thanksgiving into action!

As you rise each morning, be inspired! Remind yourself that God never sends you out into the world without equipping you to handle every situation that presents itself to your day. Walk in the boldness and the confidence as a favored child of the most high God!

May God's love bring you joy.
May God's peace bring you peace of mind.
May God's mercy bring you thanksgiving.
May God's grace bring you humility.


Receive His blessings during this New Year of 2016 and in response to that, be the blessing to whomever God places in any given day this year! Be the sower, be the doer, the healer, the mender, the answer and most importantly, the Child of the Most High God!

May God richly bless you and those whom you love, as you walk on the earth that God has designed especially for you!

All the best for a prosperous, spiritual walk with our Father!